Welcome to the Professional Recovery Operators Federation "PROF"

(The voice of the recovery industry).

Ask anyone involved in fighting for change what the essential ingredients are for a successful campaign and they’ll almost certainly tell you – to have a great cause, a unified voice, and to have that voice heard by the people that can make the change a reality. Well our industry is a great cause. Our fantastic businesses, and the men and women that work in them literally keep Britain moving and keep people safe. They deserve to be championed. And PROF has united our industry as never before bringing together our operators, our call networks, our support services, our professional bodies and more all under one unifying umbrella. And we are getting your unified voice heard where in matters as never before – in the world of Government.

PROF was launched just a year ago in the House of Commons. Senior political figures attended including former Roads Minister Sir Mike Penning MP and shadow minister Karl Turner MP together with a host of other MPs and industry figures. That the launch took place in parliament was no accident or random choice. Because as I say above, it’s not enough to have a voice – an industry like ours needs to have voice that is heard in the right places. And one thing is for sure, our industry needs to be heard by the people that makes the laws and regulations that we work under, and that means we have to be heard in Westminster and in Government.

The Federation played a key role in helping to establish the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Safer Roadside Rescue & Recovery which has grown to enjoy the support of some 40 parliamentarians. This presence and voice in Westminster really matters for our industry. With this great parliamentary support our voice is being heard on a whole range of issues from Red Lights through to Smart motorways. Our safety concerns have been heard in debates and Sir Mike and others have pressed our case with a whole range of parliamentary questions and other interventions. And who could have imagined that the Secretary of State himself would be engaged enough with our issues to send a personal video message to our gathering at Tow Show 2019. Such attention from such a senior political figure would have been unthinkable just a few months ago. The APPG report into Smart Motorways was powerful intervention in to that issue featuring as it did on BBC Panorama. Our case for the ability to use Red Lights is now being actively reviewed by the Government. And after 5 months of ground breaking discussions, a ‘Strategic Partnership Agreement’ was signed with Highways England. This was truly a remarkable and watershed moment.

And through our support of the Campaign for Safer Roadside Rescue & Recovery (CSRRR) we have featured across national and regional media as never before.

We have achieved a great deal since our launch. But there is so much more to do. And we can only do that with the support of our members and supporters. If you are not already a member, I hope that the above, and our track record of success, will persuade you to take that step and join. Together, we can make sure that our fantastic industry gets the support and recognition that both it, and the road users we support, deserve.

The Chairmen Professional Recovery Operators Federation.


About the Strategic Partnership Agreement

After 5 months of ground breaking discussions, a ‘Strategic Partnership Agreement’ has been signed with Highways England. This was truly a remarkable and watershed moment in our industry's history. The full document can be read below, but be aware this is just the start of where this important agreement will go and well done to all the parties involved. The full document can also be downloaded in our Media Area (link above)

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