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A message from the Chairmen
It is my great pleasure to announce that the Professional Recovery Operators Federation now has a seat on the NRITG. We were recently unanimously voted onto NRITG, by the current board who have recognised the vital contribution PROF has made to the recovery industry in the 2 short years since our launch.

I am positive that PROF can in the future contribute in maintaining the very high standards that our industry demands. During these most difficult of times safety and standards are of paramount importance!

The IVR in particular are the recovery industry flag bearer of the very best in practical and innovative training along with best working practices,!
the Professional Recovery Operators Federation looks forward to both learning  from and working together with the IVR  on improving and maintaining recovery industry standards.
Along with the strategic partnership agreement, which was a PROF initiative, this is another positive step in uniting the recovery industry , giving us a stronger voice and professional image .

Richard Goddard

It has been some months since the initial lock down has thrown this country into crisis! A Heath Pandemic is one thing, a global economic crisis is another. We are locked into both and we must use whatever tools and information we can to survive! To that end PROF, requested an overview of the decline in volumes to help give an insight to both work providers and VROs as to how critical position we all find ourselves in. APEX have been proactive and helpful in providing PROF with the stats they have collated, which identifies the massive decline in volumes the recovery industry is now suffering!

(Webmaster note: As we receive these updates they will be posted below. You may need to use CTRL+F5 or similar to refresh your cache for the latest data)

Further to weekly volume stats below which have been kindly but painstakingly gathered by our Colleagues at APEX , we now have a comprehensive breakdown. Of the Recovery Industry’s OUT OF HOURS volumes , which usually make pretty grim reading under normal circumstances. In Today’s COVID19 crisis , The fall in the out of hours volumes is unfortunately compounding the fall in our daily volumes!

The information PROF is providing to the whole independent industry is to help each individual VRO review their own cash flow and economic viability . Hopefully this information is of use to you and as individual VROs you have the information to hand to make your own individual business decisions and adjustments where you see fit .


Richard Goddard

The graph also provided provided by APEX, shows the volume decline since the lock down started. Hopefully this information will help work providers and VROs in making difficult businesses decisions going forward. The acute lack of volume will   present us all with a relative acute lack of cash flow.

PROF. the IVR, APEX, and the independent work providers are all working closely together on a regular basis to provide the independent network with as much helpful information and guidance we can gather to assist us all in trying to make the right informed decisions that will be critical to our future existence. Different business entities, VROs and work providers, with different economics in different locations, will respond in their own way.

I believe the release of this information will help everyone in making informed decisions. The Federation supports the independent recovery industry, and I hope this information helps you to help yourselves. Our thanks to APEX for their vital and timely input. PROF continues to work together with our stakeholders to support the independent network. Further updates will follow and be available here on this website.

Richard Goddard

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